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January 3, 2011 / HL

Mom’s Kitchen | Holiday Edition

I heart my mom so much. She is just an extraordinary woman and I aspire to be more like her. And for Dub-C’s benefit, also to be more like a cook like her. Here’s why:

Banh Xeo

Mom's version of Rice and Chicken with Vietnamese Fish Sauce Dip

I realize that the steamed chicken does not look that appetizing. After Dub-C took his first bite of this, I heard silence. Then, “Hmmm. This is yummers”. That’s right. The ingredients you don’t see are the nuoc mam cham (Vietnamese Fish Sauce) drizzled on top and toasted garlic.  The tomatoes and pickles add some tanginess.  Also, the rice is cooked in chicken broth and other seasonings so everything is flavorful.

Don’t worry Dub-C, I took down the recipe.

Hot Pot

This is my favorite dish of my mom’s. She made it for our first dinner there. The broth is chicken stock with some pepper, garlic, and onions. We cook our own food in the broth: rare beef slices, broccoli, mushrooms and tomatoes. The best part is the dipping sauce which is made from a shrimp paste, called pra-hok. Its not for the faint at heart, but it is tangy(or pungent. Whatever.)


Most Khmer people will call this Beef-on-a-stick, a literal translation of what we call it in Khmer (the longer translation is “beef-on-a-stick-cooked-in-the-backyard”. I didn’t come up with that it). It’s beef that is marinated similar to cha siu (Chinese- style BBQ pork).  We eat it with rice and a homemade cabbage pickle.

Steamed Pork Buns

My dad has skills too. These are his signature steamed pork buns (wrapped in plastic for refrigeration).

It was another success trip home for the holidays. We had some snow on Christmas. We played some games. We ate lots of food.

Thanks Mom!

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