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March 14, 2011 / HL

Seoul Hot Pot | Korean Seoul Food

They didn’t lie when they said that it rains a lot here. I’ve gotten so used to it that I don’t ever use an umbrella in the walk from my house to the car. I do use the umbrella between my car and the store sometimes, but not often. I just deal.

Over the weekend, it was cold and rainy (surprise!) and wanted something to warm us up. We decided on Korean tofu (soondubu) to satisfy our craving.

We went a little out of our way to Redmond, but was delighted with the result.

The Banchan

The banchan assortment was solid. These are side dishes served with the meal that are usually spicy or salty. As you eat, you grab a little of this and a little of that to accompany your bites. My favorites were the kimchi (I asked for seconds) and the salted dried fish (upper left corner).

Seafood Soondubu

When served, the soondubu is still sizzling in its clay pot. Our waitress cracked open an egg into it and sprinkled some dried seaweed on top. Verdict? The soup part was good! It was just the right amount of spicy (which is spicy!) and the tofu was soft and flavorful. The only disappointment with this was the abundance, or lack there of, of the seafood. It was supposed to contain oysters, clams and prawns. I think it contained 1 oyster, 2 clams, and 5 small prawns. Since the prawns still had the heads and shell on, I didn’t eat any of them. So….I only ate 3 pieces of seafood. Bummer.

Purple Rice

The purple rice made up for it. This rice contains a different variety of rice, which contains color that is purple. It is like white rice with a slightly different, delicious, taste. This is the first time I’ve been served this in a restaurant and the only other time I have it was at a Korean wedding.

We would come back. Their menu was pretty large and their clientele base seemed mostly Korean, so that vouches for their authenticity.

Oh, I tried to capture the sizzle of the soup when it’s serves. Photos don’t do it, but videos do:

Afterwards, we headed over to the mall to run some errands and shared a frozen yogurt.

Red Mango Froyo - with mochi, strawberry and mango

And then my belly smiled. It was a good night.

Seoul Hot Pot | 2560 152nd Avenue Northeast, Redmond, WA

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