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August 7, 2011 / HL

Richmond Summer Night Market

Dub-C always reminisces about the night markets from his trips to Taiwan. I get it. What’s better than walking around, grabbing hot food from one food stall to another? Having lots of food eye candy everywhere? Yum!

Thousands of people

The Richmond night market is in an interesting location. It’s in an open lot behind a furniture warehouse down the road from the Home Depot. After paying the $5 for parking (in the Home Depot parking lot…don’t know how they talked HD into that one), we walked among the swarms of people heading to the night market like bees to honey!

Potatoes on skewers

Our first stop, fried potato! Or even better, fried spiral-y potato on a skewer with choose-your-own flavors.

Batter up!

Hurricane Potato

I swear, anything on a stick tastes better. At least it is funner to eat. I got the BBQ flavor on mine. Dub-C did a mixture of Sour Cream and Onion and something else. And it was yummy at 2 skewers for $5 Canadian.

Angry Birds game

We took a little bit of a break to browse through the numerous vendor booths, of which a large number catered to the buzz around Angry Birds. Perhaps this guy is playing Angry Birds on his phone?

Grilling Squid

Spicy BBQ Squid

We started back up with some squid. It was really flavorful and had a nice chewy texture, even though it was still pretty tender.

Takoyaki freshly made


Octopus balls. Interesting. Each piping hot ball was more like a fluffy seafood dumpling with a tangy sauce on top. It was okay, but not my favorite.

Stewed Tripe

My brother had a craving for the stewed tripe, so we shared this one. The tripe was very tender and yummy.

Taiwanese stinky tofu

Dub-C and J went in on some stinky tofu, a Taiwanese classic. It’s a fried fermented tofu that smells…stinky, to be polite. It was pretty good, though they report that it could have been stinkier.

The night ended with some yummy mango desserts which landed in our Top 3 favorites of the night.

Fresh mango with tapioca over shaved ice with condensed milk

Fresh mango with ice cream over shaved ice

Fresh mango with soft sweet tofu

The mango was deliciously soft and sweet (not stringy). And though we shared most of the other dishes that we had this night, we all were adamant about having our own mango desserts.

You wouldn’t want to share either. Trust me.

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