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May 20, 2012 / HL

Tale of Three Sandwiches

When my sister is in town, or any family for that matter, we have food adventures. This means we really push our eating to the limit. During her last day in town last month, I took the day off to spend time with her. Dub-C came up with a crazy proposal – eat lunch at both Paseo and Dot’s Delicatessen. Both places are known for their delicious sandwiches, so we would visit each place and Dub-C and my sister would split the sandwiches since I don’t eat grains. This was going to be an epic sandwich food adventure.


paseo press

The first stop was Paseo, who is known for their Cuban sandwiches. Be prepared to wait in line and bring cash (they don’t take plastic!). They first had the Paseo Press. The pork is tender and juicy with nice compliments of banana peppers, caramelized onions and Swiss cheese. Having had this before, it’s one of the most tasty sandwiches in Seattle.


caribbean roast plato

I got my own plate of the Caribbean Roast. It was a big plate! I ate the juicy roasted pork, corn on the cob and the salad. Dub-C and Sis ate the beans and rice as well after they finished half of their sandwich. I recommend this if you love variety and are very hungry. I still had a lot of pork left over, which I took home for a meat snack later.

Now, on to Part 2! Luckily, Dot’s is just across the street from Paseo, so it was a short walk.

Dot's Delicatessan

Dot's Delicatessan

It’s an adorable shop and these folks make sandwiches an art form. They have daily specials as well as their regulars menu.

Dot's Delicatessan


Dot's Delicatessan

As you can see the Reuben is huge! My sister is a petite woman and this sandwich was almost as big as her face. It had nice thick slices of pastrami as you can see. Pretty amazing!

Dot's Delicatessan

spicy pork sandwich

Dub-C had this sandwich during our last visit here, so the spicy pork sandwich was his pick. The pork portions are sizable and it is marinated and grilled. It’s not too spicy, but seasoned rather well.

Dot's Delicatessan

And as the two of them ate their sandwiches, I snacked a bit on these fries. Dub-C says that these are the best fries in all of Seattle and I would definitely put them in my top-5. They are house-cut and fried crisp. We love them so much that we got the large.

Truth be told, Dub-C and my sister were not able to finish all the sandwiches. To be fair, that’s 3 total sandwiches for 2 people. Still, this was a successful food adventure!

Paseo | 4225 Fremont Ave N
Dot’s Delicatessen | 4262 Fremont Ave N

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  1. Stephanie / May 20 2012 9:54 PM

    That Reuben sandwich looks huge and tasty! That’s so cute that the fries came in a take out box. It seems like for the most part, cash only restaurants tend to be pretty great!

    • HL / May 22 2012 10:29 AM

      Seriously delicious sandwiches for sure, Stephanie!

  2. Marissa / Sep 21 2012 11:19 AM

    So going to Dot’s before these girls arrive. OMG I’m sad I didn’t make a trip while we still lived in QA. Complete urban living FAIL!!!! xx

    • HL / Sep 21 2012 2:50 PM

      Seriously delicious! You won’t regret it!

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