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May 29, 2012 / HL

Juanito’s Taqueria (Taco Shop)

Since we had to drive from Seattle to Union to the Alderbrook Resort and Spa, which is a 2-hour drive, we decided to make the most of it and try out a new restaurant somewhere in between. Through some research on Yelp, we decided to try out Juanito’s Taco Shop in Bremerton. The reviews mention that the tacos rival others in So Cal, so we were excited.  We definitely miss the quality of tacos from when we were living in LA.

Juanito's Taqueria

We easily found the restaurant and we were hungry since it was late afternoon. The menu (below) had a lot of options, so we settled on tacos, carne asada fries and a California burrito.

Juanito's Taqueria

After ordering, the owner who took our order complimented us and asked us where we were from. We said that we live in Seattle now but we used to live in LA. Juanito used to live in San Diego and brought these delicious tacos up to Bremerton with him. We bonded with him as we chatted about the authentic Mexican cuisine. Dub-C and I got excited for the food to start coming out.

Juanito's Taqueria

carne asada fries

And it was delicious. The carne asada is well seasoned and tender. The guac is more sauce-y here, but it makes it easier to spread around the fries.

Juanito's Taqueria

california burrito

Dub-C had the California burrito, which he reports was filled with just carne asada and fries. There was no fillers like rice and beans like at other places. It was a hearty burrito.

Juanito's Taqueria

carne asada taco and horchata

I had an early lunch, so I just had one taco. The tortilla was tender and the carne asada was delicious. For a regular lunch, 3 tacos would be perfect. I did fill up by snacking on the carne asada fries.

Juanito's Taqueria

grilled jalapenos

Juanito's Taqueria

pork taco

Juanito sent us over some goodies to try out. The grilled jalapeno was delicious, but it definitely has a kick! We each had a pork taco, which is made al pastor style. This is the type of taco Dub-C always orders when he has tacos, so he was really happy. The flavor was spot on and the pork was really tender. These are simple tacos with just the tortilla and some cilantro, so the meat really is the star here.

Juanito's Taqueria

Juanito and his wife, the owners (sorry about the glare on the lens!)

Here’s a photo of the owners, Juanito and his wife. They really welcomed us during our visit and we thoroughly enjoyed meeting them. We love it when we run across family businesses where people want to share something special with their customers. Juanito’s Taqueria is one of those places. During our entire weekend out at the Alderbrook Resort and Spa, this meal was our favorite. This is a must-visit stop if you are ever in the area.

Juanito’s Taqueria | 6721 Kitsap Way, Bremerton, WA 98312

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  1. Stephanie / May 29 2012 10:03 PM

    The food looks delicious! Love family run businesses, it makes the food that much more special!

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