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August 14, 2012 / HL

Uneeda Burger

When I don’t want to spend a lot of time thinking about a new place to eat, I always suggest going to a burger place since it means that Dub-C can find a nice juice burger and I can find an easy Paleo meal. A few weeks ago, we tried out Uneeda Burger in Fremont since we were going to be in the area anyways and it was lunch time.

Uneeda Burger-10

Since the weather was nice, Uneeda Burger opened the patio area which makes the whole restaurant feel very open. I loved the rustic decor of the chalk board menus and gorgeous wood slates. It has a kinda garage/farm feel which goes well with the casual menu.

Uneeda Burger

I went with a bunless burger and the lettuce wrap was more like a lettuce bowl while Dub-C went with a classic burger. As you can see, the burgers are well built.

Uneeda Burger

Uneeda Burger

For sides, we tried out the poutine and fried onion rings. The handcut fries were really delicious and crisp. I didn’t have any of the onion rings, so I have nothing to report.

Uneeda Burger

Uneeda Burger

Overall, it’s a solid burger spot. It did not knock my socks off though, but if I was in the area and looking for a reasonably pricey, Paleo-friendly meal, Uneeda Burger is definitely on my list.

Uneeda Burger | 4302 Fremont Ave. N. Seattle, WA 98103

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